G.R. ELETTRONICA S.R.L. designs and manufactures electrical control boards for supermarkets checkout counters since 1979.

We were the first to replace the complicated wiring of checkout counters of the 70s, with a small control unit that houses an electronic card that controls all the electrical parts of the checkout counter.

Over time, we have expanded our offer of all the accessories that complete the counter: photocells, pedals, signal lamps of checkout counter number, counter opened and closed, surveillance cameras, LED lighting systems for the checkout counter and shelves.

The products developed by us have always been designed for leading Italian manufacturers of supermarkets equipment.

In 2013, G.R. ELETTRONICA S.R.L. appeared on the market with a line of products under its own brand, which continues to support its activity as a provider of custom solutions designed according to the specifications provided by the customers.

G.R. ELETTRONICA S.R.L. adds to its own activities in the RETAIL field, the design and construction of electronic equipment in other areas, including the main ones: controls for electro medical instruments (mainly outpatient equipped seats and elements for X-ray machines), LED lighting and industrial automation. We invite you to visit our corporate website:

G.R. elettronica srl
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