“When defining the retail space, we try to get the best ways of relationship between the products and the consumer, such as to encourage the customer involvement and needs”

With more than 30 years in the sector, G.R. elettronica is able to offer all the electrical and electronic products and accessories necessary in a Checkout counter and for equipment of exhibition spaces in a series of customised solutions.

G.R. ELETTRONICA S.R.L. provides LED lighting solutions for retail sector.

illuminazione Indicators and lamps
    •     Solutions to communicate the status of access and output points through the use of LEDs and polymethacrylate.

LED luminaires
  •     LED strips and bars
  •     LED wall light in low voltage

LED linear lighting

Replacing the fluorescent tube lighting, the LED luminaires allow greater flexibility in the dimensions (length and thickness) with the advantages of long useful life.

Mod LineLux model


Power supply at 24V with colour temperature of 4100k (natural tendency to cold), CRI=80,

    length 1300 mm with 36 LEDs of 15W 710 lux at 500mm
    length 1300 mm with 48 LEDs of 20W 900 lux at 500mm

The same type of illuminators is available in 1000 and 600mm long and with natural – warm colour temperature and with CRI >90.

Conformity with European directives 2001/95/EC and 2004/108/EC.
EN 55015 (2006)+ A1 (2007) + A2 (2009) / EN 61547 (2009) EMC, EN 60598-1 (2009) lighting devices,
EN 62031 (2008) LED modules safety,
EN 62471 (2010) photo biological risk Class 1, risk free classified.
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